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Sperm Stain kit for morphology analysis

Sperm Stain for sperm morphology analysis

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The Sperm Stain can clearly differentiate the morphological structures of the spermatozoa for a perfect functional assessment.

The Sperm Stain constitutes a system to differentiate the blood cell like components and the spermatozoa as well. The system combines the great polychromic results of classical methods such as May – Grunwald or Giemsa.

The Sperm Stain system is based on the original Romanowsky staining method for differential staining of several cellular structures.

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SSC Nr. 1 (1 x 10 ml.)
Hexamethyl-p-roseniline methanolic solution.

SSC Nr. 2 (1 x 100 ml.)
Xanthene buffered solution.

SSC Nr. 3 (1 x 100 ml.)
Thiazine buffered solution.

The Sperm Stain is a concentrated stain that provides 3 bottles of 1000 ml each.

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Reference: SSC
Volume: 1×10 ml, 2×100 ml
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