Kit for acrosome intact and acrosome reacted sperm test

FluoAcro sample

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FluoAcro is a kit for acrosome intact and acrosome reacted sperm as important sperm functional tests.

Once capacitation of sperm has taken place in the female reproductive system, the next important step is the acrosome reaction in order for fertilization to take place. However, the acrosome reaction can only take place if sperm arriving at the fertilization site has good intact acrosomes. Moreover, it does not help sperm have good acrosomes but they cannot undergo the acrosome reaction in order to attach to the oocyte and penetrate the zona pellucida of the oocyte.

Accordingly, this sperm functional test measures in the first instance the percentage intact acrosomes of washed/diluted sperm samples. The next step is that we use a biological substitute to induce the acrosome reaction such as Ca++ ionophore.

More information:

FluoAcro main characteristics:

Solution 1 (S1):
Basic Hoechst type working solution (50 µL)

Solution 2 (S2):
PNA staining solution (500 µL)

Solution 3 (S3):
Anti-fading fluorescence medium (5 mL)

Solution 4 (S4):
Ca based medium for acrosome reaction (2,5 mL)

Additional information:

Reference: FLUO-A
Number of analysis: 300 analysis
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail

FluoAcro kit

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