Kit for vitality in brightfield assessment

BrightVit sample

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BrightVit has been developed to measure two functional aspects of sperm namely the actual live/vital sperm in a sample, and secondly the quality/intactness of the cell membrane or the ability of the cell membrane to withstand osmotic swelling without bursting.

To measure vitality, BrightVit, a nigrosin eosin (NE) based solution is used and “dead cell membranes/compromised cell membranes” will allow eosin (Vital dye) to enter the cell and stain it pink. Live cells will remain white. The nigrosin serves as a background stain to provide contrast.

The BrightVit solution has been made up in in a hypo-osmotic medium and accordingly at the same time hypo-osmotic swelling is measured. Intact cells/cell membranes will swell but burst cell membranes will show thin straight tails and no signs of swelling. It is accordingly not surprising that there will often be a good positive correlation between live cells (white – no staining) and swollen sperm.

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BrightVit main characteristics:

BrightVit kit consists of 10mL of NE solution in dark bottle.

Expiration: One year if kept in dark and cool place ‹20C.

Additional information:

Reference: BRIGHT-V
Number of analysis: 250 analysis
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail

BrightVit kit

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