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Questioning abstinence periods

Por |2018-01-18T17:04:50+02:0018 Ene 2018|Blog|

Better sperm motility and kinematics after short vs. long ejaculatory abstinence It has long been observed that semen volume, sperm concentration and total sperm counts increase with increasing duration of abstinence; However, recent studies suggest that there is a paradoxical improvement of sperm motility and kinematic parameters with shorter abstinence periods. [...]

Personal lubricants

Por |2017-10-06T09:48:21+02:0011 May 2017|Blog|

Personal lubricants; for or against conception? Personal lubricants are occasionally demanded during intercourse or semen collection in clinical settings. This could be posing a problem for couples looking to conceive, as several lubricants have been reported to decrease sperm functional parameters, especially sperm motility as the most important marker of a successful [...]

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