Frog sperm

17 Jul 2019|

Frogs are both sentinel and keystone species and globally threatened: The need to study their sperm biology! Fig. 1: Amazon tree frog during amplexus. ( Everyone knows what a frog is but where do these [...]

PhD students from Cape Town

19 Jun 2019|

Five PhD students of the Comparative Spermatology Group in Cape Town all use the SCA CASA system with great effect! Cape Town must have among the most active SCA CASA users in the world in a radius [...]

Le spermogramme automatisé au laboratoire, enfin !

16 May 2019|

Dans l’exploration du couple infertile, le spermogramme et spermocytogramme sont toujours les examens de 1ère intention. La technique de référence reste la technique manuelle et la plupart des laboratoires d’analyse médicale peuvent réaliser ces examens, même si [...]

New ventures in sperm motility

29 Abr 2019|

New ventures in our understanding of sperm functionality In 2016 I wrote a blog on standardization of semen analysis in humans but with the emphasis on reviewing sperm motility analysis since the 1600’s until 2016. I showed [...]

Bee sperm

16 Ene 2019|

Bees are Keystone species: Urgent need to study their sperm quality, preserve the sperm and inseminate best quality Fig. 1: Fynbos (meaning plants with small leaves) area near Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. What is [...]

SCA has many other applications

18 Dic 2018|

SCA is firstly a top class Computer Aided Semen Analysis System: But it has many other applications. What are these? The Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA) of Microptic S.L. needs no introduction and has earned a reputation as [...]

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