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New ventures in sperm motility

Por |2019-04-29T10:50:54+02:0029 Abr 2019|Blog|

New ventures in our understanding of sperm functionality In 2016 I wrote a blog on standardization of semen analysis in humans but with the emphasis on reviewing sperm motility analysis since the 1600’s until 2016. I showed the importance of standardization of quantitative semen analyses and the power of CASA in assisting [...]

Sperm functionality

Por |2017-11-15T11:05:21+02:0015 Nov 2017|Blog|

Sperm functionality: Importance in assessing sperm quality, fertilization success and live birth outcome The WHO5 manual (2010) for semen analysis in 2010 sparked a great deal of debate. Perhaps the most important aspects emerging from the debate was that specific “single value” cut-off points are not useful to distinguish between “good and [...]

Hyperactivation of sperm

Por |2016-12-30T09:48:11+02:002 Mar 2016|Blog|

Hyperactivation of sperm:  A very important sperm functional test. Semen quality is traditionally measured by determining sperm concentration, sperm motility,vitality normal sperm morphology and a whole range of other parameters. While these aspects are useful in terms of a record of baseline data it does not necessarily inform us about the functionality of the sperm. [...]

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