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Rat sperm morphology

Por |2018-02-14T17:01:10+02:0014 Feb 2018|Blog|

Not of Mice and Men but Rat sperm morphology quantified In a previous Microptic blog in 2015, we reported on the SCA TOX system of Microptic and its uses in reproductive toxicology testing. It was further indicated that tailor made modules exist for sperm motility, vitality, fragmentation and that in principle it [...]


Por |2017-09-05T09:58:51+02:007 Jul 2015|Blog|

RatTox CASA: A whole new revolution in toxicology testing There is a great need to use the least invasive systems to test the effects of potential effects of chemicals, pesticides, radiation and many others on biological systems. Many researchers resorted to cell and tissue cultures as model systems. While these systems have many advantages, they [...]

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