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Bee sperm

Par |2019-01-16T15:42:22+00:0016 Jan 2019|Blog|

Bees are Keystone species: Urgent need to study their sperm quality, preserve the sperm and inseminate best quality Fig. 1: Fynbos (meaning plants with small leaves) area near Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. What is a keystone species? A keystone species is a plant or animal species that plays a [...]

Le SCA SCOPE désormais en vente – 1 janvier

Par |2018-12-19T16:01:43+00:001 Jan 2019|News|

Microptic, une compagnie leader dans le domaine des analyses de sperme, a développé un nouveau produit, le SCA SCOPE, le premier dispositif totalement automatique pour faire des analyses de sperme humain. Le produit est en vende dès aujourd’hui, le 1er janvier. Notre compagnie profitera l’occasion du MEDLAB 2019 (stand Z1.C54) à Dubaï, [...]

SCA has many other applications

Par |2018-12-18T09:19:35+00:0018 Déc 2018|Blog|

SCA is firstly a top class Computer Aided Semen Analysis System: But it has many other applications. What are these? The Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA) of Microptic S.L. needs no introduction and has earned a reputation as the most advanced CASA system providing the widest range of modules to analyse many facets [...]

New CASA in East Africa: Tanzania

Par |2018-11-30T09:17:34+00:0021 Nov 2018|Blog|

A new CASA system for East Africa, Tanzania, for the National Artificial Insemination Centre: A unique situation! Fig. 1: Entrance to NAIC with administrative quarters and laboratories. In Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa there is a great need to improve the quality of livestock in general and particulalrly cattle such [...]

Declining sperm count

Par |2018-10-18T16:43:39+00:0018 Oct 2018|Blog|

Human zero sperm count in the next generation: Really? What are the facts? The aspect of declining sperm count has been debated over many decades and is very controversial. Recently Dr Haqgai Levine presented a paper at the 13th International Symposium on Spermatology in Stockholm that sperm numbers are declining and represent [...]

New standards at the international sperm and egg bank Cryos

Par |2018-09-10T15:20:04+00:0010 Sep 2018|Blog|

Sperm Class Analyzer ensures standardization and improves documentation in the world’s largest sperm bank Cryos The market for human sperm has rapidly increased during the last decade – especially due to the acceptance of solo motherhood and homosexual couples with the desire to become parents. As one of the market leaders, Cryos [...]

Sharing AI data, interesting connections arise

Par |2018-08-22T13:06:31+00:0022 Août 2018|Blog|

Did you know that genetic suppliers in the pig business are responsible for a large part of the result? An enormous important link at the start of the chain, together with the AI ​​station. As a pig farmer, it is therefore interesting to invest in this in order to be able to [...]

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