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PhD students from Cape Town

Por |2019-06-19T16:47:21+02:0019 Jun 2019|Blog|

Five PhD students of the Comparative Spermatology Group in Cape Town all use the SCA CASA system with great effect! Cape Town must have among the most active SCA CASA users in the world in a radius of 25 km. Approximately 30 scientists, students and embryologists from the University of the Western [...]

New ventures in sperm motility

Por |2019-04-29T10:50:54+02:0029 Abr 2019|Blog|

New ventures in our understanding of sperm functionality In 2016 I wrote a blog on standardization of semen analysis in humans but with the emphasis on reviewing sperm motility analysis since the 1600’s until 2016. I showed the importance of standardization of quantitative semen analyses and the power of CASA in assisting [...]

Bee sperm

Por |2019-01-16T15:42:45+02:0016 Ene 2019|Blog|

Bees are Keystone species: Urgent need to study their sperm quality, preserve the sperm and inseminate best quality Fig. 1: Fynbos (meaning plants with small leaves) area near Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. What is a keystone species? A keystone species is a plant or animal species that plays a [...]

SCA has many other applications

Por |2018-12-18T09:20:33+02:0018 Dic 2018|Blog|

SCA is firstly a top class Computer Aided Semen Analysis System: But it has many other applications. What are these? The Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA) of Microptic S.L. needs no introduction and has earned a reputation as the most advanced CASA system providing the widest range of modules to analyse many facets [...]

New CASA in East Africa: Tanzania

Por |2018-11-30T09:17:36+02:0021 Nov 2018|Blog|

A new CASA system for East Africa, Tanzania, for the National Artificial Insemination Centre: A unique situation! Fig. 1: Entrance to NAIC with administrative quarters and laboratories. In Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa there is a great need to improve the quality of livestock in general and particulalrly cattle such [...]

Manatee sperm

Por |2018-04-11T16:55:19+02:0011 Abr 2018|Blog|

Sperm analysis of West Indian manatee by University of Florida Aquatic Animal Health Program team using SCA® CASA System Fig. 1: West Indian manatee from Florida. Modified from National Geographic. The West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus spp.) is a large herbivorous mammalian species (average length 3 meter and weight 500 [...]

SCA Tricks

Por |2018-03-14T17:21:52+02:0014 Mar 2018|Blog|

Tricks for optimizing the analysis of sperms with the SCA     1. The presence of bubbles inside the counting chamber may alter the results obtained by your SCA. This occurs when: a) Non-optimal counting chambers are used for automatic analysis. b) The counting chamber is not filled in correctly. - Micropipettes [...]

Rat sperm morphology

Por |2018-02-14T17:01:10+02:0014 Feb 2018|Blog|

Not of Mice and Men but Rat sperm morphology quantified In a previous Microptic blog in 2015, we reported on the SCA TOX system of Microptic and its uses in reproductive toxicology testing. It was further indicated that tailor made modules exist for sperm motility, vitality, fragmentation and that in principle it [...]

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