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SCA® a tool for research and education

Par |2017-09-05T09:52:55+02:0023 Nov 2015|Blog|

After the clinics and research labs, the SCA is now finding it’s way into the classrooms! The Problem-based Learning (PBL) pedagogical model of Aalborg University has become both nationally and internationally recognized by universities, researchers and students as an advanced and efficient learning model. In this model, the students need to put what they learn [...]

Customer opinion of SCA® Production

Par |2016-12-30T09:48:19+02:005 Sep 2013|Blog|

I work in a company where the most important are fertility results of pigs. As we all know, this part of pig production has a decisive influence on the whole profitability of the business. In our times, when production costs like feeding, medicines and transport grow so fast, we have to be absolutely sure that [...]