Last 2nd June we have installed a full SCA® system in the Pasteur Institute in Dakar (Senegal). This centre is fully equipped with ultimate technology, although they were performing the semen analysis manually in a subjective way. Having increased the number of samples to analyze in the laboratory, they decided to improve the quality of the semen analysis so far, and, after evaluating the available CASA in the market, they finally decided to acquire the SCA® for its performance.

The system was installed (it includes the installation and calibration) in their laboratory, following by a 3 days training that enables the users to become familiar with it and see all the possibilities and of the SCA® CASA.

They are analyzing the motility, concentration (with Leja® disposable slides) and morphology (using Sperm Stain® staining kit) automatically, as well as the vitality with eosine-nigrosine subjectively.

The second day of the training all the analysis were performed in vivo with all kinds of samples, allowing to test the CASA and verifying the correct analysis.

On the last day, all the technicians decided to practice with the SCA® supervised by me, ( Mr Eduard Sanchez,  Microptic Technical Manager) that could help them to solve  any enquiry and design the tailor-made final report requested.

As usual, after every installation, an installation and training certificates were obtained by the users.

As a future project they would like to integrate the SCA® with a LIS (Laboratory Information System), making all patients and results information transferring fully automated, thus minimizing all the human errors in the process.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Mr Attou Diop (SOTELMED engineer, our local distributor in Senegal) for his attention during my stay in Senegal, a country with a lot of contrast.  And to Guillaume and all SOTELMED team for their support locally.  I hope we can soon install more systems there.


Eduard Sanchez
Technical manager