Taking the opportunity that our distributor in South Korea, Joong Ang company, represented by their Service Sales Manager, Kevin Oh, sold a complete SCA system to a representative customer in South Korea, Albert Casquero, one of our technical engineers, visited this amazing country.

Gangnam neighborhood, Seoul

The trip started on Monday 8th of July, when Albert arrived at Incheon International Airport (one of the best airports worldwide). There, he meet Kevin Oh and they traveled together by car to a small town in the north-east of the country: Gangwon, famous by holding the Winter Olympic Games in 2018.

Next day, they visited Hanwoo Experiment Station, the National Institute of Animal Science, highly specialized in bull semen analysis. There, Kevin and Albert installed a veterinary edition SCA system, with Motility and Concentration, Morphology, Vitality and Manual Counter modules. They were welcomed by Ph. D. Jae-Seok Woo and his laboratory team. Dr. Jae-Seok Woo and his team were trained in the use of the CASA system for two days. Albert was impressed by the incredible hospitality received there and had a great time working together with Kevin, learning a lot about Korean culture and enjoying their incredible cook, focusing on the high quality cow meat, one of the most appreciated in South Korea. We are sure that Dr. Jae-Seok and its team will get great studies using SCA.

SCA System installed in Hanwoo Experiment Station

On Wednesday 10th, Kevin and Albert moved to Cheonan, a 600.000 people’s city in centre-west of the country. There, Albert was introduced to some of Kevin’s colleagues in Joong Ang and they had a great time dinning together. Thank you very much to all of them!

Thursday was the last day in Korea and Kevin, Min Ho Park, Yun Ho Jung and Albert woke up very early to visit some customers and check their SCA systems, after having a great typical Korean breakfast. First one was Farmsworld boar AI Station, where they had a SCA Production system. The calibration was checked and the Basler Scout camera cleaned before having a coffee with the customer and his wife. Next one was Yeonam Genetics Centre, also a boar specialized centre, where the customer has an old SCA system. They went all together to have a good dinner while informing the customer about the best solution to update the SCA and take advantage of his system.

Kevin and Albert in Yeonam Genetics Centre

Finally, Kevin and Albert moved together to Seoul, where they visited CHA IVF Hospital. There, they were welcomed by the staff (even though the heavy raining), checked the system configuration and had a meeting with their team about the possibility to share the SCA data with their own IVF database.

Finally, Kevin and Albert went to have the last dinner at Incheon and after shopping, they moved back where the trip started to say good bye until the next time, that we hope that will be soon. There are no words to describe the hospitality and friendship received by Kevin, most of the great remembrance about this trip is because of him. Thank you again to all the people meet, and thank you also to Yun Ho Jung for the cakes, Microptic team enjoyed them a lot!!!

Mr Albert Casquero
Technical Engineer