Cameras - Components


We provide a wide range of best brand cameras. B/W, color, high resolution and high speed cameras.

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Microscopes - Components


Complete range of microscopes, objectives, components or accessories.

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Motorized stage - Components

Motorized stage

Motorized stage for different microscope brands.

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Foot pedal - Components

Foot pedal

USB Foot pedal for quick image capture with the SCA® CASA System.

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Slide warmers - Components

Slide warmers

Plate and slide warmers for different microscope models. Accuracy and homogeneity guaranteed.

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Cooled stage - Components

Cooled stage

Thermoelectrically cooled stage that accurately controls the temperature of microscope slides.

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External hot plate - Components

External hot plate

External hot plate with external controller.

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Warming blocks - Components

Warming blocks

Blocks for tube warming to use in combination with a hot plate.

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Positive displacement pipette - Components

Positive displacement pipette

Accurate and precise positive displacement pipette.

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Precision balance - Components

Precision balance

Precision balance for volume calculation.

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Barcode reader - Components

Barcode reader

Electronic device for reading printed barcodes.

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Label printer - Components

Label printer

Label printer for an easy identification of samples.

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