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SCA® Production CASA System

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SCA® Production CASA system for animal semen production centres that automatically provides the number of optimal doses that can be obtained.

Suitable for AI Stations, Animal breeders, Extender manufacturing companies or any center producing semen doses or straws that are analysing the semen samples in a rapid way.

Motility & concentration, as well as droplets and coiled tails can be rapidly and automatically analyzed.

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CASA System designed for boar, bull or horse:

SCA® Production for Boar

SCA® Production for Bull

SCA® Production for Horse

SCA® Production main features

Motility and concentration automatic analysis - SCA® Production

Permits the accurate and automatic assessment of the concentration and motility.

Morphology analysis - SCA® Production

Morphology  and acrosome can be manually analysed,  selecting the abnormal spermatozoa.

Semen doses calculation - SCA® Production

Provides automatic calculation of optimal number of semen doses.

Automatic morphology analysis - SCA® Production

Optionally, automatic morphology analysis of the proximal, distal droplets and coiled tails can be performed (at the same time than motility and concentration analysis) if SCA® Droplets module is installed.

High quality hardware - SCA® Production

High quality hardware components: Phase contrast microscope with heating stage, digital Basler camera and control unit computer. See minimum hardware requirements.

SCA Production database - SCA® Production

Includes a user-friendly animal database that permits the management of the results, identification data, history as well as obtaining statistics.

Share the data with SCA dataShare - SCA® Production

Compatible with SCA® dataShare: Share the data with any database.

Scale and barcode connection - SCA® Production

Can be connected to a digital scale and barcode reader allowing a quicker data insertion.

SCA Production and Leja - SCA® Production

Any disposable analysis chamber can be used, Leja® recommendable.

Additional information

Analysis of fresh and thawed sperm samples.
Sample volume and identification data can be inserted with barcode reader or manually.
Animal database included.
Disposable: Any counting chamber like Leja®, included Segré-Silbergerg effect correction factor.
Sample concentration and motility are analyzed under phase contrast microscopy, with the 10x negative phase objective.
Spermatozoa are automatically detected and analysed.
Simultaneously, rapid morphology analysis can be performed if SCA® droplets module is installed.
Morphology can be analysed manually, selecting the abnormal spermatozoa displayed in phase contrast positive at 20x.
40x phase contrast objective is used for the acrosome analysis.
Modifiable parametres: Spermatozoa head area, elongation, analysis chamber, doses useful spermatozoa, VCL, STR, progressive, doses correction factor after morphology and acrosome analysis.
Customized fields for morphology description.
FPS capture velocity: 25fps.
Analysis time per field is one second.
Concentration can also be manually registered to the database , if calculated with any photometer.
Warning message about ratio sperm quality, difference in doses analysis or Maximum spermatozoa per straws.
Images and videos can be exported.
Commonly is used in the following species: swine, cattle, ovine, rabbit, dog and stallion.
Counting, Kinematic parameters and morphology.
Doses / straws calculation.
Extender volume and ratio.
Recommended doses.
Total and useful spermatozoa per doses.
Total volume calculation through connection to a digital scale.
Motility analysis: Total analysed spermatozoa, motile, progressive.
Concentration of spermatozoa, motile and progressive in M/ml and in sample volume.
Morphology and acrosome normal, abnormal spermatozoa counted and percentage.
SCA® droplets for droplets results: distal, and proximal droplets total and percentage.
Final reports: General, individual, summary per animal, summary per data.
Reports including graphics and captured images.
Camera: Basler Ace acA1300-200uc
Connection cable: USB 3.0 cable
Port: USB 3.0 port
Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32 or 64 bits)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
RAM Memory: 4 GB or higher
Model recommended: HP ProDesk 600 G2 (PC) and ACER E1-572PG (Laptop)
Microscope brands: Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss
Configuration: Trinocular, 1x c-mount  +  tv tube 1x (no lenses inside tv tube)
Condenser: Turret
Centering telescope
Heating stage
Motility Concentration and Droplets (automatic morphology)
– Observation method: Ph- (negative phase contrast)
– Objective: 10x Ph- (negative phase contrast)
– Filter: GIF filter (Green)
Morphology (manual analysis)
– Observation method: Ph+
– Objective: 20x Ph+
– Filter: GIF filter (Green)
Acrosome (manual analysis)
– Observation method: Ph+
– Objective: 40x Ph+
– Filter: GIF filter (Green)

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