SCA® DNA Fragmentation

SCA® DNA Fragmentation is a module for the counting of DNA fragmented and non fragmented spermatozoa, in human samples treated with kits based on the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD).

This analysis module is also
available for Veterinary and Toxicology.

DNA fragmentation represents a distinguish mark of apoptosis, and is usually associated with structural changes in cellular morphology.

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SCA® DNA Fragmentation last news

Analysis and detection improved - SCA® DNA Fragmentation

Analysis improved

DNA Fragmentation analysis and sperm detection improved.

Ready for Goldcyto DNA - SCA® DNA Fragmentation

Goldcyto DNA

Ready for the new Goldcyto DNA kit to assess the DNA Fragmentation.

Interactive threshold modification - SCA® DNA Fragmentation

Interactive threshold

Interactive threshold modification for sperm classification.

Individual parameters - SCA® DNA Fragmentation

Individual parameters

Export to Excel or save into the database the individual sperm parameters.

SCA® DNA Fragmentation main features

Automatic analysis - SCA® DNA Fragmentation

Spermatozoa are recognized and classified automatically into fragmented or non fragmented spermatozoa, following the established analysis criteria.

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Creating new analysis configurationsicon_correcticon_correct
Modification of the optics, microscope scales and image capture optionsicon_correcticon_correct
Modification of the particle area cut off parameter for cell detectionicon_correcticon_correct
Motorised stageicon_correcticon_correct
Species available: Humanicon_correcticon_correct
Species available: All (human, and all animals, including rat and mouse)icon_correct
Species available: All animals with oval sperm head (boar, bull, stallion, etc)icon_correct
Species available: rat and mouseicon_correct
Specific digital Basler camera with 780×580icon_correcticon_correct
Specific digital Basler camera with 1280×1024icon_correcticon_correct
Total sperm countedicon_correcticon_correct
Percentage of the counted sperm that are Fragmented and non Fragmentedicon_correcticon_correct
Total analysed and Percentage of cells with halo: small, big, medium, degraded and without haloicon_correcticon_correct
Captured images and distribution chartsicon_correcticon_correct
SCA® dataShareicon_correcticon_correct
SCA® Stage Controllericon_correcticon_correct
SCA® Captureicon_correcticon_correct
SCA® Viewericon_correcticon_correct
SCA® Editoricon_correcticon_correct
DNA fragmentation can be analysed under brightfield microscopy, transmitting light to view a specimen that is stained.
Or Fluorescence  (The specimen is illuminated with light of a specific wavelength  which is absorbed by the fluorochromes, causing them to emit light of longer wavelengths (i.e., of a different color than the absorbed light)
Disposables: Halosperm® kit for human or any preparation based in the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD).
SCA permits to capture and analyse up to 500 spermatozoa per sample
Counting of fragmented and non fragmented spermatozoa by halo area or halo-core ratio automatic assessment.
Basic results: Number and percentage of fragmented and non fragmented spermatozoa
Advanced parameters: Number and percentage of spermatozoa having  big, medium, small hallo, degraded and  without

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