SCA® CASA System - More than just basic semen analysis

SCA® CASA System

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SCA® CASA System for semen analysis allows the accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters: motility, concentration, morphology, DNA fragmentation, vitality, acrosome reaction and leukocytes.

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SCA® CASA System designed for a wide range of species:

Semen test following WHO laboratory manual. Suitable for hospitals, fertility clinics and labs to evaluate cases of male infertility and other practices.

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Analyses all kind of animal sperm: Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

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Specialized system for toxicology centers working with mouse and rat.

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SCA® CASA System allows the quantitative assessment of the most important semen parameters:

Motility and concentration - SCA® CASA System
Morphology - SCA® CASA System
DNA Fragmentation - SCA® CASA System
Vitality - SCA® CASA System
Acrosome reaction - SCA® CASA System
Leukocytes - SCA® CASA System

System constantly updated to include the ultimate state-of-the art technology and operating system available.

SCA® CASA System permits to accommodate several platforms of hardware and software, being able to suit distinct needs such as Fertility Clinics, Multi-site centres with central Laboratory and Satellites, Animal Research Centres or Fish and Microalgae Production.

Customized reports are supplied by Microptic, including letterhead, and any required results in the contents.

SCA® CASA System

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SCA® CASA System last news

New interface design - SCA® CASA System

New design

New interface design much more likeable and user-friendly.

Compatible with Windows 10 - SCA® CASA System

Windows 10

Compatible with the last operating systems from Microsoft.

Internal Quality Control - SCA® CASA System

Internal Quality Control

Verification of the calibration and analysis settings.

mySCA cloud space - SCA® CASA System

mySCA cloud

Integration with Microsoft Azure to upload files and/or attach the database.

SCA® CASA System main features

Find here the basic components and detailed information of the SCA® CASA System:

High quality hardware - SCA® CASA System

High quality hardware

All SCA® components are CE marked and from reputed brands.

Microscope with phase contrast to visualize the sample

Digital camera Basler

Computer (desktop or laptop)

Additional hardware:

Motorized stage

Slide warmers

Precision balance

Barcode reader

SCA Editions - SCA® CASA System

SCA® Editions

SCA® CASA System exists in several Editions, meaning, different properties adapted to suit the various user´s needs:

Human: The most integral application for human andrology and IVF labs, sperm banks, fertility clinics, hospitals, etc.

Veterinary: Designated to users analysing animal sperm of several species.

Toxicology: Adapted to exclusively analyse rat and/or mouse semen.

Research: The most entire and flexible SCA® CASA System, actually is the union of human, veterinary and tox editions. For Research Use Only.

Additional modules - SCA® CASA System

SCA® Additional modules

Enable to complete the CASA system with additional modules:

SCA® dataShare
It enables the internal SCA® database sharing and a bidirectional connection with any LIS system.

SCA® Stage controller
Module for a fully automatic analysis with SCA® motorized stage.

SCA® Manual counter
Useful tool for a manual counting of any cellular sample.

Complementary systems - SCA® CASA System

SCA® Complementary modules

Unitary systems that permit to capture, view or edit SCA® files:

SCA® Capture
Image capture software to use in connection with a main SCA® station.

SCA® Viewer
Free software that allows to display SCA® images and videos in any computer.

SCA® Editor
System that allows the opening of SCA® files enabling to edit or re-analyze the images.


Maintenance - SCA® CASA System


Annual maintenance service for software updates and technical support.

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Customized reports - SCA® CASA System

Customized reports

Custom reporting service that offers the ability to customize the report template.

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External Quality Control - SCA® CASA System

External Quality Control

External Quality Control service, by collaborators with considerable experience in CASA.

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CE certificate - SCA® CASA SystemIVD certificate - SCA® CASA SystemCFDA certificate - SCA® CASA SystemSFDA certificate - SCA® CASA System

Additional information

Sperm Analysis Standardization: SCA® CASA System eliminates the inter and intra technician variation observed in manual sperm evaluation
Sperm concentration and total sperm count quick, accurate and more consistent
Large number of variables are fast and automatically measured
Motility analysis: exact and reliable, unreachable to assess by human eye accurately
Kinematic parameters: Accurate and fast assessment, manually unattainable
Hyperactivation: Automatic and rigorous assessment, far away to be attained by subjective observation
Morphology: Accurate and complete sperm size and shape estimation
Vitality: automatic determination under fluorescence, accurate and fast
DNA fragmentation: Accurately quantified
Quality control: Internal and external QC available. SCA® CASA System includes images and videos for internal quality control. External Quality control, as for instance, Fertaid compatible.
Software yearly update
Compatible with last operating systems available: Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)
SCA® languages, SCA® CASA System exists in 17 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Deutsch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Polish, Catalan, Hungarian, Greek, Dutch and Ukrainian), and is easy to translate to any new language.
Customized reports are comfortably created by Microptic, following user´s preferences
Diagnosis / Method: User can define the diagnosis criteria, as well as prescription or recommendable treatment. This will be automatically included in the final results and reports
Large number of species can be analysed: SCA® CASA System allows to analyse properly a huge number of species: human, rat, mouse, birds, fishes, water invertebrates, mammals such as: boar, stallion, cattle, rabbit, ovine, deer, camelids, elephant, tiger, lion, etc., as well as microalgae.
Portable SCA®: The SCA® CASA System laptop configuration permits its use the field, useful option for all animal researchers during breading seasons, or itinerant Analysis Stations
Network solution: SCA® Capture satellites and SCA® Main lab. Solution for central andrology lab and small branches
Compatible with any SQL database available
My SCA user´s site. All software updates and quality control available at all times
Ready for ISO 15189:2007 audit
Rilibäk compatible: German Federal Medical Council guidelines for quality
 Compatible with Meditexfor the Management of the reproductive medical centers.
We are very happy with the fast replies and support we are getting from the company and also about the system itself. It is very user friendly.
System SCA, Microptic gives objective and fast analysis. Software is easy and friendly to use.
Magdalena Depa-Martynow, TKBiotech
We do started using SCA since 2006 in our clinic (ALAMAL Fertility centre ) and it actually makes a great real difference in seminal fluid evaluation and management. A lot of my friends have got surprised when I decided to bring the SCA to my clinic as it was a little bit more expensive than some systems which were already exist in my city that time but I decided to use SCA , and now after 8 years using SCA , I am proud of taking that decision and I am ready to take it again if I have the choice. Thank you all , the team of Microptics, of being always very helpful.
Dr. Tareq Sharif, Alamal Fertility Centre
I’ve worked on SCA systems for 3 years (2008-2010), they are a good systems, durable, reliable. and user friendly. Mictoptic S.L is a professional Comp. that really considered as a market leader and innovated market player in the field of SCA. I do recommend SCA systems for the easiest, accurate, and configurable systems. Eventually, Microptic S.L management (CEO, Export Manager, Technical Manager, and Application staff) are all at high professionalism and successful business oriented.
Shadi Alnakhaleh, Roche
I recommend this product
Hiva Alipour, Aalborg University
Easy to use and very good quality report.
Wael Abd El-Razek Youssef, WIS Pharm Exp. & Imp.
We are using the SCA systems for 5 years (2009-2014) and still ongoing. Before that period we used a glass camera for semen analysis and manual counting. As a lab manager I will share that the SCA system is really reliable and independent. It gives a good idea about what is the real concentration, motility and velocity of the spermatozoa in the semen sample; the morphology of every single spermatozoa, using strict criteria; the percentage of DNA fragmentation in sperm. The systems has good quality, reliable and repeated results and user friendly. Microptic S.L is a professional Company and always gives immediate help and advice. I do recommend SCA systems for the easiest, accurate, and configurable systems. Go ahead, you are a great team!
Tanya Milachich PhD, SAGBAL Hospital Dr. Shterev
Merci pour cette révolution dans le domaine de la spermiologie.
Nous avons mis du temps pour nous adapter mais maintenant nous la maîtrisons un peu plus et cela nous permet d’aller plus avec des résultats plus précis.
Libasse Niang, Institut pasteur de Dakar