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SCA® Editor was born to give a solution to busy laboratories that perform a large amount of semen analysis or have several SCA® units. It allows a quick analysis of the semen samples and a later detailed review of the captured images, but not compromising the main system, precisely because of their workload.

SCA® Editor is a complementary system that allows the opening of SCA® sessions captured with the system enabling to edit or re-analyze these images.

It works with all analysis modules: motility and concentration, morphology, DNA fragmentation and vitality.

The system allows you to edit / re-analyzing the analysis sessions (files .mot, .mrf, .dna, .vit) .created by the SCA® system.

All the options of the SCA® analysis modules are enabled, excepting capture or import new images.

Enabled operations include: add / remove sperm, modify the properties of the analysis, remove fields, export images / videos, create reports results.

A main SCA® analysis system (Motility-concentration, Morphology, Vitality or DNA fragmentation) is needed to perform the capture of images and videos, SCA® Editor cannot open files captured with SCA® capture systems.

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