SCA® dataShare

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SCA® dataShare is an advanced application that allows customers to have full access to the protected SCA® database (SQL Server – based).

Prepared for HL7 (Health Level Seven) language, the standard for exchanging information between medical applications of patient, laboratory records and billing information.

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SCA® dataShare main features

Link the SCA® database to any LIS (Laboratory Information system).

Install the SCA® on all the computer of the lab to see results and print reports.

Add the patient information from the computer of the reception desk.

Fill up the information about the sample (volume / viscosity / agglutination…) from another set up (PC).

Use separately the automatic SCA® modules that you have (motility / DNA / Vitality…) from different computers.

Add the vitality analysis manually from another computer / room.

Validate the results from the office of the lab director, also when he/she is out of the lab (from a tablet…).

Automatically export reports, images and videos.

Have the database in a server (local database by default).

SCA® dataShare is compatible with these management software for medical centres: MEDITEX, MOLIS, GLIMS, PSYCHE, HEXALIS and IDEAS. Moreover, some hospitals have already linked this module to their own database.

SCA® dataShare examples

Example 1 - SCA® dataShare

Two or more SCA® CASA systems can share the same database installed in an SQL server

Example 2 - SCA® dataShare

SCA® can export/import data to an external database or LIS. Example: Identification data can be retrieved from an external database, instead of directly filling the information in the SCA®

Example 3 - SCA® dataShare

SCA® main system and SCA® Capture or SCA® Viewer can share the database. Example: Permitting to get the final report in the main lab, from the captured images obtained with SCA® Capture system, and display it with the SCA® Viewer.

Example 4 - SCA® dataShare

Any database sharing combination.

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