SCA® Capture

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SCA® Capture is an image capture system for distant locations composed by a microscope, computer, digital camera and acquisition image software, to be used in connection to a main SCA® CASA system.

Convenient solution for multi-sites laboratories having a main Andrology lab and small branches.

Semen samples are prepared in the subsidiary laboratories, where the patient and sample details, as well as the macroscopic exam of the sample are recorded. Then is possible to capture concentration, motility, morphology, vitality or DNA fragmentation images. Save the images and send them to the main SCA® system to obtain the results.

In addition, SCA® Capture advises the user if the field is suitable for the analysis or should be captured again.

The combination with the SCA® dataShare  allows the capture unit to have access to the final results and reports.

Both systems: SCA® CASA and SCA® Capture can use the same hardware.

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SCA® Capture main features

The analysis process can be summarized in the following steps:

Sample information - SCA® Capture

Sample and patient information details are recorded.

Image acquisition - SCA® Capture

SCA® Capture can acquire the images for the concentration, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation or vitality.

Saving file - SCA® Capture

Captured fields must be  saved

Sending file - SCA® Capture

Captured files are sent to the main lab, by internet, or DVD hard copy.

Open a file - SCA® Capture

SCA® CASA system open the files and analyse the images, obtaining the results

Results - SCA® Capture

Final results and reports can be displayed and printed in the main lab, or additionally sent back to the capture unit if SCA® dataShare is installed

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