SCA® Acrosome reaction

SCA® Acrosome reaction is a module that automatically provides the percentage of acrosome intact and acrosome reacted spermatozoa in a human semen sample.

This analysis module is also
available for Veterinary and Toxicology.

Acrosome reaction is one of the most important sperm functional tests.

This test measures in the first instance the percentage intact acrosomes of washed/diluted sperm samples. The next step is that we use a biological substitute to induce the acrosome reaction such as Ca++ ionophore.

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SCA® Acrosome reaction main features

Acrosome reaction analysis with FluoAcro - SCA® Acrosome reaction

Analysis is performed under fluorescence microscopy, in samples stained with FluoAcro kit, that allows the differentiation between acrosome intact sperm (bright green) and acrosome reacted sperm (blue).

Acrosome reaction automatic analysis - SCA® Acrosome reaction

Spermatozoa are recognized and classified automatically.

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Creating new analysis configurationsicon_correcticon_correct
Modification of the optics, microscope scales and image capture optionsicon_correcticon_correct
Modification of the particle area cut off parameter for cell detectionicon_correcticon_correct
Motorised stageicon_correcticon_correct
Species available: Humanicon_correcticon_correct
Species available: All (human, and all animals, including rat and mouse)icon_correct
Species available: All animals with oval sperm headicon_correct
Species available: rat and mouseicon_correct
Specific digital Basler camera with 780×580icon_correcticon_correct
Specific digital Basler camera with 1280×1024icon_correcticon_correct
Total sperm countedicon_correcticon_correct
Percentage of the counted sperm with acrosome intact and acrosome reactedicon_correcticon_correct
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The assessment is under fluorescence microscopy at 40x (Plan Fluor): The specimen is illuminated with light of a specific wavelength, which is absorbed by the fluorochromes, causing them to emit light of longer wavelengths, i.e., of a different color than the absorbed light .
Acrosome reaction of spermatozoa is evaluated using FluoAcro kit.
Possibility to add or eliminate spermatozoa and/or captures fields
Calculation of basic parametres: Number and percentage of spermatozoa with acrosome intact and acrosome reacted.
Visualization of the analysis mask superimposed to the original image.
Image capture takes 1 second per field
Allows capture up to 30 fields of the sample
Counting of spermatozoa with acrosome intact and acrosome reacted by color detection.
Number and percentage of spermatozoa with acrosome intact and acrosome reacted.

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