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SCA Viewer Complementary System

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Advanced application that allows customers to have full access to the protected SCA® database, (SQL server- based).

Prepared for HL7 (Health Level Seven) language, the standard for exchanging information between medical applications of patient, laboratory records and billing information.

This module permits to:

Link the SCA® database to any LIS (Laboratory Information system)

Automatically export any report, image or sequence to any format

Have the database in a server (local database by default)

Edit tables to customize the final reports

Compatible with Meditex management software for medical centres.

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SCA® dataShare examples

SCA dataShare example 1

Two or more SCA® CASA systems can share the same database installed in an SQL server

SCA dataShare example 2

SCA® can export/import data to an external database or LIS. Example: Identification data can be retrieved from an external database, instead of directly filling the information in the SCA®

SCA dataShare example 3

SCA® main system and SCA® Capture or SCA® Viewer can share the database. Example: Permitting to get the final report in the main lab, from the captured images obtained with SCA®capture system, and display it with the SCA® Viewer.

SCA dataShare example 4

Any database sharing combination

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