Kit for sperm DNA Fragmentation test

GoldCyto DNA kit for sperm DNA fragmentation test

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The GoldCyto DNA kit is a simple test that allows the assessment of DNA Fragmentation in human and animal sperms.

The method is based on the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test (Fernández et al., J. Androl 24:59–66, 2003; Fertil Steril 84:833-842, 2005).

Unfixed spermatozoa are mixed with an agarose microgel on a pretreated slide. An initial acid treatment denatures the DNA of those sperm cells with intact DNA. Then, the sample is treated with a lysis solution which breaks the cellular membrane removing most of the nuclear proteins. In the absence of damages in the DNA, big halos appear around the head of the sperm cell. Nonetheless, those sperm cells with fragmented DNA are insensitive to denaturalisation and therefore do not show any cromatine dispersion (small or absent halos).

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GoldCyto DNA kit contents:

Pretreated slides

Eppendorf tubes with low-melting-point agarose

Bottle of Phosphate Buffer Saline

Bottle of Denaturant Agent

Bottle of lysis solution

Bottle of stain solution – TA

Bottle of stain solution – TB

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