Leja slides for motility and concentration analysis

Leja counting chamber slides

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Leja counting chamber slides are disposables created for sperm counting and motility analysis.

Although, they were developed to be used with sperm, they can be also used for the concentration assessment of other cellular elements, as microalgae, or any other cell suspension.

There are several counting chamber formats available for the concentration and motility assessment.

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New Leja for SCA®

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New Leja for SCA®

New slides optimised for SCA®

– 10 micron – 4 chambers
– Appropriate for human sperm analysis
– Reference: SC-10-01-04-B

Easily operated

Leja permits to easy load the sample into the chamber and start a fast counting process.

Sample is distributed for capillary action homogenously.

As they are disposable, no washing is required, avoiding any contamination or influence due to the re-use effect.


The counting chambers are present into different formats to accommodate user´s needs. Find some examples:

> 10 microns depth chambers are the most appropriate for human and stallion sperm analysis as allow having all the spermatozoa focus in one layer. They can be of 2 or 4 chambers.

> 20 microns depth is present in formats of 2, 4 or 8 chambers per slide. This is the best configuration for most of the animal species.

> 100 microns chambers are the format for vasectomy analysis and toxicology (Rat and mouse sperm analysis).


Sperm viscous samples are also easily inserted into the chamber, and can actually be used to determine the viscosity value by measuring the time needed to fill the chamber.

One of the main advantages is the special coating that in one side ensures that no air bubbles will be present when loading the sample, and on the other has very low toxicity level.

Additional information:

Quantity: 25 slides/box
Leja website: www.leja.nl
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail

Leja slides available:

Leja 10 micron - 4 chambers

10 micron – 4 chambers
Human sperm analysis
Reference: SC-10-01-04-B

Leja 20 micron - 2 chambers

20 micron – 2 chambers
Animal sperm analysis
Reference: SC-20-01-02-B
(Only available in Spain)

Leja 20 micron - 4 chambers

20 micron – 4 chambers
Animal sperm analysis
Reference: SC-20-01-04-B
(Only available in Spain)

Leja 20 micron - 8 chambers

20 micron – 8 chambers
Animal sperm analysis
Reference: SC-20-01-08-B
(Only available in Spain)

Leja 100 micron A - 2 chambers

100 micron – 2 chambers
Post-vasectomy analysis
Reference: SC-100-01-02-A

Leja 100 micron B – 2 chambers

100 micron – 2 chambers
Toxicology analysis
Reference: SC-100-01-02-B