Kit to measure the amount of citric acid in seminal plasma


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CitricScreen measures the amount of citric acid in seminal plasma.

The seminal plasma is mainly composed by citric acid, fructose and phosphorylcholine. Citric acid constitutes a major component of the whole ejaculated semen in several mammalian species including bull, ram, boar, stallion and rabbit. This component has been associated with the process of spontaneous gelification, coagulation and liquefaction of semen. Also it has been suggested to maintain the osmotic equilibrium and pH of ejaculates and thus, the membrane function and morphology of the spermatozoa.

Quantification of Citric Acid in semen gives a reliable measure of prostate gland secretion. Low levels of citric acid are associated to subclinical prostatitis, which may decrease male fertility.

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Reference: CITRIC
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