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New CASA in East Africa: Tanzania

By |2018-11-30T09:17:33+02:00November 21st, 2018|Blog|

A new CASA system for East Africa, Tanzania, for the National Artificial Insemination Centre: A unique situation! Fig. 1: Entrance to NAIC with administrative quarters and laboratories. In Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa there is a great need to improve the quality of livestock in general and particulalrly cattle such [...]

New andrology course with Embryotools – April 4th

By |2018-04-04T15:23:11+02:00April 4th, 2018|News|

Recently Microptic has initiated a collaboration with Embryotools that has allowed to introduce an andrology course that will also be carried out, in part, in the facilities of this collaborating center: Sperm Analysis Preparation and Cryopreservation: Hands on and troubleshooting (dates upon request). Embryotools laboratory, in Barcelona. About Embryotools With [...]

Collaborating with Embryotools – June 8th

By |2017-10-06T12:07:49+02:00June 8th, 2017|News|

This year Microptic has started a collaboration with Embryotools, in order to develop sperm analysis in its lab and provide training on CASA system. The SCA® CASA System is now operational in this renowned laboratory, that by the moment is performing the assessment of motility. Thanks to this cooperation, attendees of Embryotools [...]

Microptic courses – May 22th

By |2017-10-06T09:52:21+02:00May 22nd, 2017|News|

MICROPTIC, specialized in biomedicine, offers training courses and workshops to professionals and distributors in the field of semen analysis. With a constant stream of new scientific discoveries and innovations, keeping up with the world of sperm analysis is challenging. So we have designed a range of semen analysis training courses on the [...]

University of Salento taught a seminar on CASA/SCA – March 17th

By |2017-10-06T12:04:49+02:00March 17th, 2017|News|

The Dept. of Biology of University of Salento (Italy) organized, in collaboration with NIKON, a seminar on CASA/SCA in a master course on infertility, taught by Prof. Giovanni Aloisio (Full Professor, Computer Engineering, Department of Innovation Engineering, University of Salento). The seminar was held on February 28th and March 1st. The main objective [...]

Training in human semen analysis in April

By |2018-01-05T12:14:51+02:00February 22nd, 2017|News|

Courses: Evaluating Male Fertility Microptic organizes these next trainings in Barcelona: Basic semen assessment course - April, 24th (in English) Where renowned scientists will focus on the standards of basic semen analysis. Download course program here. Advanced computer aided semen analysis course - April, 25th (in English) / April, 26th (in Spanish) [...]

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