Stain for sperm morphology analysis

Diff-Quik™ stain for sperm morphology analysis

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The Diff-Quik staining set contains solutions for the rapid staining of sperm morphology samples. By consecutive brief immersions in the solutions, the previously air-dried smears are fixed and stained in only 15 seconds.

By varying the number of dips in the appropriate staining solution, different degrees of shading and intensity are easily obtained.

RAL Diagnostics and Siemens Healthineers have signed an agreement to commercialize a new generation of fast differential staining offer, RAL DIFF-QUIK™.
RAL DIFF-QUIK™ is replacing the product formerly named Siemens Diff-Quik™ set.

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Diff-Quik® reagents:

Fixative Solution (1 x 500 ml.)
Fixative Solution is a methanol based solution to stabilize cellular components.

Stain Solution I (1 x 500 ml.)
Stain Solution I is a buffered solution of Eosin Y (an anionic dye).

Stain Solution II (1 x 500 ml.)
Stain Solution II is a buffered solution of thiazine dyes (cationic dyes) consisting of methylene blue and Azure A.

Additional information:

Reference: DQ-ST
Volume: 3×500 ml
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