Pre-stained slides to analyse morphology of sperm

Morphology slides SCA

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The pre-stained slides for morphology combine conventional microscope slides and isosmotic SpermBlue stain into a ready to use device for morphology assessment of sperm samples.

These pre-stained slides are conceived to be used with automated systems.

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Main characteristics:

Design: These pre-stained slides are designed for using with automated systems like Sperm Class Analyzer® (SCA®) or SCA SCOPE.

Storage and stability: The slides must be stored protected from light and at room temperature (15 –25°C). They can remain stable for at least one year since manufacturing date.

Material required: Deionized water, mounting media, pipette and tips, coverslips 0.13-0.16 thick.

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Box of 50 slides/50 tests
Reference: MRF-SB
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