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Pre-stained slides for morphology analysis

Goldcyto SB morphology pre-stained slides

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GoldCyto SB morphology pre-stained slides combine conventional microscope slides and isosmotic SpermBlue stain into a ready to use device for morphology assessment. This pre-stained slides are designed for use with automated system like SCA® or manually. Each slide enables the assessment of 2 sperm samples.

Principe of the device: when a small volume of cells/semen is deposited on a pre-stained slide, the fixative-stain film dissolves in fluid/seminal plasma and stains the sperm cells.

GoldCyto SB are highly recommendable for the use with SCA® CASA with motorized stage, after washing the sample.

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GoldCyto SB staining procedure:

Put a drop of 1 microlitre of sperm sample in the Goldcyto slide and wait a 1 minute before placing the 22×22 mm cover glass. There is enough space for 2 drops of 1 microlitre and 2 cover glass of 22×22 mm.

Place the cover glass carefully and help to expand the sperm sample.

Put the pre-stained slide in a 60°C heating place for a minimum of 1 minute, ideally 5 minutes or more.

The staining will improve with the time passing.

Go to the SCA® morphology and start the analysis of the fields. Start the capture of the spermatozoa in one of the cover glass borders where the sample is stained. The dye will cover the complete sample as the time passes.

Capture a minimum of 100 spermatozoa.

Additional information:

Reference: CYTO-SB
Quantity: 50 slides/box
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail
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