Kit for sperm vitality analysis under fluorescence

FluoVit sample

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The assessment of sperm vitality is one of the basic elements for the semen analysis. FluoVit is a very useful fluorescent staining solution that permits to differentiate live from dead sperm (RED=dead, BLUE=alive) This kit is composed by two fluorescent dyes and may be used with fluorescence microscopy.

The FluoVit kit enables the evaluation of sperm vitality in fresh or thawed semen samples. The kit is intended for routine assessment and research studies in male fertility.

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FluoVit main characteristics:

Storing conditions: Solutions should be stored at 2-6° degrees protected from light.

Caution: The stain solution is mutagen and should be handled with care. The dye must be disposed of safely and in accordance with applicable regulation.

High sensitivity: The dye detects low levels of nucleic acid in sperm.

Fluorescent spectral characteristics: The FluoVit includes Trihydrochloride Trihydrate (330/380) and Propidium Iodide (536/617) based solutions stabilized for long lasting. The microscope filter must be DAPI filter (EX 330- 380, DM 400, BA 420, standard filter for UV).

High resolution: High resolution images with higher contrast.

FluoVit kit

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Additional information:

Reference: FLUO-V
Number of analysis: 200 analysis
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail