Kit to assess vitality with BrightVit (in brightfield)

Vitality slides SCA

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This is an Eosine-Nigrosine based stain (BrightVit), optimised in one-step staining technique for the assessment of sperm vitality in brightfield.

The test has been developed to measure two functional aspects of sperm. Firstly, the actual live/vital sperm in a sample, and secondly, the quality/intactness of the cell membrane or the ability of the cell membrane to withstand osmotic swelling without bursting.

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Main characteristics:

Dead cells: “Dead cell membranes/compromised cell membranes” will allow eosin (Vital dye) to enter the cell and stain it pink.

Live cells: “Live cells” will remain white.

Background: The nigrosin serves as a background stain to provide contrast.

Additional information:

Box of 200 slides/200 tests and 8mL of BrightVit solution
Reference: VIT-BV
Catalog: Download catalog pdf_thumbnail
Protocol: Download protocol pdf_thumbnail
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