SCA is in the news: Installations in Argentina – September 14th

The newspaper “Diario del Fin del Mundo” publish this article about the installation of two new SCA systems in Argentine hospitals (article in Spanish).

Integration of BoarExpert software with SCA® – September 7th

More and more, people is looking for integrated solutions, that don’t need to add information manually (with the consequence of doing mistakes easily), as much [...]

SCA®, approved as Class 2 Medical Device in Canada – September 1st

Great news! Health Canada has come through with approval for the Sperm Class Analyzer® to be classed as Class 2 Medical Device. The Health Canada's [...]

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National Association of Animal Breeders


13-14 October 2016
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Event participated by our distributor:


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Automatic CASA System for sperm analysis

SCA® CASA System allows the accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters: concentration, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation, vitality and acrosome reaction.

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Karyotyping, and FISH, is a modular system used in cytogenetic studies of chromosomes. Intuitive tool . Database module and customized reports available.

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CASA System for animal semen production centres

SCA® CASA System for animal semen production centres that need a rapid exam of the sperm quality and automatic data of semen doses or straws for insemination.

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