Sperm Class Analyzer ensures standardization and improves documentation in the world’s largest sperm bank Cryos

The market for human sperm has rapidly increased during the last decade – especially due to the acceptance of solo motherhood and homosexual couples with the desire to become parents. As one of the market leaders, Cryos today holds the world’s largest selection of human sperm donors and performs thousands of sperm analyses every year. The company collaborates with some of the most well-known clinics all around the world.

Iternational sperm and egg bank CryosA few years back, the international sperm and egg bank used a manual sperm count technique to make the sperm analyses. However, as a fast growing company with an increasing amount of sperm analyses conducted every day in Cryos’ laboratories in Denmark and USA, the need for standardization and best in class documentation was present.

In 2016, the collaboration between Microptic and Cryos was initialized. The CASA System for automatic sperm analysis was implemented in four laboratories in Denmark as well as in Cryos’ laboratory in Orlando.

Microptic’s engineers supported Cryos in the initial phase by implementing and developing the system to Cryos’ needs as well as ensuring automatic transfer of the collected data to Cryos own internal systems.

Iternational sperm and egg bank Cryos

By implementing the CASA System in all laboratories, Cryos today has even better pre-analytical conditions for the sperm analyses. Moreover, the system has given Cryos the possibility to obtain best in class documentation of the results measured by the system, as well as being a great support in Cryos’ laboratory technicians’ daily work in the sperm bank.

Cryos was established in 1987 by the founder Ole Schou and holds 4 laboratories in Denmark and 1 in Orlando, Florida. The company counts approx. 30 employed laboratory technicians. Cryos has a selection of more than 1.000 sperm donors and ships sperm to over 100 different countries.

Peter Braad Larsen
Operations Supervisor at Cryos