Vall d’Hebron University Hospital team

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital team

Microptic and Vall d’Hebron University Hospital have recently completed a comparative study between manual and automatic analysis of semen samples to show the advantages of using CASA systems in sperm assessment, specifically in using new device SCA SCOPE.

To do so, our engineers installed a SCA SCOPE in the Andrology Service of the hospital and one of our biologists trained and advised the staff there for one month. The procedure was simple: daily seminograms were performed with both methods (manual and automatic with SCA SCOPE) by laboratory technicians.

Although the team of Vall d’Hebron had been long working with the Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA), lab technicians got very soon used to the SCA SCOPE, which is an easy-to-use device. They realised that the all-in-one CASA SCA SCOPE works with total autonomy and were surprised about its innovative design.


SCA SCOPE device

Vall d’Hebron, in Barcelona, is at the cutting edge of medical research in Catalonia and the health city consists of various healthcare and research centres. Vall d’Hebron University Hospital ranks among the best hospitals in Spain.

With this collaboration, our company aims to highlight the importance of automatic systems in sperm analysis to allow standardization, traceability, rapidity and reliability. The next step of this study is to obtain statistics and conclusions.

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