Microptic invests in cutting edge technologies of the computer vision field in order to develop new algorithms of automatic diagnosis. We are involved now in one projects to detect human leukocytes automatically. This technology is based on deep learning, which is a methodology that trains automatic algorithms that learn by themselves to perform certain tasks. The procedure consists on showing lots of input – output examples of the system to the machine, and this iteratively learns how to perform that task. The core of the technology are artificial neural networks, and it is called deep learning because it consists on a deep stack of layers of neural networks. This technique is state of the art in research nowadays, and it is very innovative to add it into industrial products. With this, we guarantee to use the latest technologies for our products. Developing such algorithms requires researching, prototyping and testing, as this is still a new field that appeared just some years ago. The result is a vanguard technology, that is both accurate and fast.