Integration of BoarExpert software with SCA® – September 7th

>>Integration of BoarExpert software with SCA® – September 7th

More and more, people is looking for integrated solutions, that don’t need to add information manually (with the consequence of doing mistakes easily), as much automatic as possible and easy to use and understand. Microptic collaborates with several Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to transfer all SCA results to their databases automatically. Nowadays the company presents a full integration with the solution for Boar stud management, BoarExpert.


BoarExpert main features

  • BoarExpert is an AgriSyst product that brings many years of experience in pig business and software development into a new generation software solution and data management.
  • BoarExpert offers more than only the connection of hardware, it includes a customer database, tracking & tracing of semen and follow up of the results on farm, etc.
  • A full tracking and tracing module is developed from boar semen production to insemination, birth of piglets identified with RFID and follow these animals till slaughter process.
  • Carcass value can be connected to the boar what brings an extreme data value.
  • Continuously monitoring of reproduction performance.
  • Tracing back customer reproduction results to individual boars.
  • Combine semen quality evaluation to actual performance at customer.
  • Complete track & trace: from production to customer performance.
  • Match between lab evaluation and production results, e.g. fertility, farrowing and TB.
  • Local, server or cloud database (SQL server).
  • Multi-user and multilingual to interface simultaneously.


Integration with SCA®

  • Add all the boar and sample information to BoarExpert, press a button to start the analysis automatically with SCA and when finish all the results are automatically transferred to BoarExpert database.
  • Possible to export numerical results, images, videos and customized reports.
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  1. Neil DeBuse, DVM 07/09/2016 at 23:26 - Reply

    Nice article. Congratulations to both companies.

    • microptic 08/09/2016 at 10:45 - Reply

      Thank you, Neil.

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